A tale of two sisters, two seas and slow ceramic.

Jplate was founded by the two of us, Jess and Karin, as sisters and as a symbol of our enormous complicity. Looking towards our origins, we merge our family ties with those experiences that have filled our lives with joys.

We wanted to mix roots with memories which in turn link us to the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.




Our first memory and contact with the Ceramic Technique comes from the hand of our Father, who taught us magic in the simplicity of clay and metals. Well, although he is an engineer by profession, he modeled an art with meaning and function.

So, feeling the same call, we entered into learning through professional ceramic workshops, because we wanted to understand what it means to be a ceramicist and all this was part of a powerful impulse, to develop everything that our Atelier Cerámica comprises.



Being both Architects by profession and lovers of Decor Accessories and Homeware, we began our route in Interior Design, creating High Decoration projects for large firms in the furniture design sector.


It all started in front of the Atlantic

A getaway ... a click on SLOW-MODE and a decision ...

In 2017, we set a small break from routine, in the southern part of Portugal on the Troia Peninsula, facing the Sea, our greatest source of inspiration. To dedicate ourselves to doing Brainstorm on our Project-Atelier and combine it with doing some activities quietly from day to day. Eat leisurely, go to the beach, go for a walk, small yoga sessions and enjoy the much appreciated moment of coffee with endless brunches. Come on, my sister and I dedicate ourselves to going a little slower and with a certain calm, enjoying the moment, the present, but without knowing it we discovered that what we had done: consciously live those little pauses by clicking on Slow-Mode!

Ok Jess, but what was that experience for? Personally, that experience in Troia helped us to see a more authentic and inspiring perspective on life, so much so that we decided to take it to the field of practice, recognizing that we need and want to create smaller moments of slow-mode respite in our lives! and that we can not only enjoy them when we are on vacation or on getaways.



Everything was already decided, about the purpose of our Brand. We were clear that we wanted to create pieces in our Ceramic Studio-Atelier under the influence of Slow & Life Design, making small batches of pieces. With the purpose of utility, beauty and help create inspiration to enjoy small moments. One click Slow Mode in everyone's life. And so we start JPLATE.

A unique and special project for us, which had a curious detail: Two Sisters, with the goal of founding two slow-ceramic studios under a single brand concept. Although we lived in two different locations, one was in the Mediterranean Sea (Jess), and the other in the Caribbean Sea (Karin). Two seas united us and separated us at the same time.



You make your way by walking slowly. 2020-tic-tac-tic-tac -... undoubtedly courage as a raw material is very powerful. And once the obstacle was overcome, we opened our First JPLATE-Madrid Ceramic-Studio, to develop and express our particular way of seeing and living the present.

We know that real life passes with great demands of activities, work, personal and family and with accelerated rhythms. But from our point of view it is positive to encourage and create each one their own version of clicking in Slow-Mode. And we do not all have the same values or attach the same importance to things. But what we do have in common is the MEANING now more than ever of wanting to enjoy the present, even at times and that if we manage to reduce the excessive rush we will feel much happier and fuller.



to our Slow Corner-where the little joys of life keep us going.


At Jplate-Studio we recognize that we are not a perfect team, we make many mistakes like any human, most of which are a reflection of a particular way of seeing and living the present. We have chosen to give a change of perspective of way of life… we move towards a slower life!

But like anything worthwhile, it takes time and this adventure has only just begun.

You can often learn more from mistakes than successes.

But in our Slow Corner we will always bet on aiming high and when we fall, we will be honest, and we will get back up and try to do better.


here you can read our MANIFESTO