We created Jplate- for WOMEN with an optimistic and spontaneous spirit aware of the power that details bring to their lives. The value that comes from sitting and sharing in front of beautiful tables, crockery and pieces every day. For themselves and not just for guests ... it's all about simplicity and satisfaction.

For devotion and detail, we create Honest & Handmade ceramics. In our atelier, we produce Author pieces for the home in a conscious and contemplated way with the help of noble elements such as Clay, Porcelain and Stoneware.

We are committed to transforming them into unique and valuable PIECES for you, as they take you to the miracle of the details that make it distinguished.

Slow Production - Small - Ethical. We apply conceptual and operational processes based on the values ​​of slow design with respectful and non-toxic materials, small batches and closely controlled by our team.

Each piece is truly unique, handcrafted with traditional techniques, which are respectful towards nature.


We look to the Ocean to Inspire us and to Help it: Our nautical-coastal style, feminine and subtle, is our essence, but also keeps in mind our responsibility towards bodies of water.

With the mission of generating a positive impact on our land, JPlate allocates a percentage of its sales to preserve the marine habitat, through organizations such as Save The Planet and Clean Ocean Project. Each Bowl, each Plate, each Cup or Dishware, is a grain of sand towards a calmer life, and cleaner oceans.