In accordance with the Spanish regulations that regulate the use of cookies in relation to the provision of electronic communications services, contained in article 22.2 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on information society services and electronic commerce, we inform you about the cookies used on the JESSICA MARACARA PIÑERUA website and the reason for their use.

What are COOKIES?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer when you access certain web pages. Cookies allow a web page, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their equipment, they can be used to recognize to user. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and their computer or device and do not provide references that allow their personal data to be known.

Types of Cookies used by this Website.

They are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the editor itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided, the cookies that are specifically used by this website are found;

Cookies for the purpose and relation to e-mail Newsletters: This site offers the possibility of receiving Newsletters or subscribing to promotional services. In this case, cookies are used to remember that you are already registered and to restrict certain notifications that are valid for subscribed and subscribed users.

Cookies with a purpose and relationship with your account: If you create an account with us then we use cookies to manage the registration process and the administration of your account in general. These cookies will usually be deleted the moment you log out of your browser. However, in some cases they may remain on your computer after logging out so that the settings you made to the website before you logged out are saved.

Cookies with a purpose and relation to the beginning of the session: We use cookies when you have logged into our website in order to remember your user. This prevents you from having to enter your username and password every time you change pages. These cookies are usually deleted the moment you log out to ensure that only you can access certain areas and features of the site when you log in.

Cookies for the purpose and relation to order processing: This site offers e-commerce and payment processing services and sales. Therefore, some cookies are essential to ensure that your order is remembered and recorded and so that we can process them correctly and efficiently.

Cookies with a purpose and relation to forms: When you send data through a form such as those found on the contact page or in comments, we will use cookies to remember your entered data for the future.

Cookies with a purpose and relationship with quality surveys: From time to time we offer quality surveys or questionnaires that provide us with interesting information, growth opportunities and other tools to better understand our customers. These surveys use cookies to remember who has already completed the survey or to shape your experience based on the results entered.

Cookies with purpose and relation to site preferences: To provide the best possible experience on this site, we offer the possibility of adjusting preferences related to the functionality of the site during its use. To remember these preferences we need cookies. In this way, this information can be consulted when needed and so that the interaction with the website is affected by these preferences.



They are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

Cookies with analysis purpose and relationship: are those that allow the statistical analysis of the website at the level of counting visitors, pages visited, keywords used and the like, as well as quantifying the number of users and thus carrying out the statistical measurement and analysis of the use that they make of the Website. To do this, your browsing on the Website is analyzed in order to improve the offer of content, products or services that are displayed on it. Cookies such as Google Analytics Inc. are used on this Website, set for use with Urchin.

Cookies with the purpose and relationship of integration of social networks: these are those that can be stored in your browser while you browse this Website. The companies that generate these cookies for social networks have their own cookie policies. Cookies such as Facebook Connect are used on this Website.

Cookies with advertising purpose and relationship: they are those that allow the most efficient way possible to manage the offer of the advertising spaces that are on the website, adapting the content of the advertisement to the content of the requested service or to the use you make of our website . For this we can analyze your browsing habits on the Internet and we can show you advertising related to your browsing profile. Cookies such as Facebook Custom Audience or Google Tag Manager are used on this Website.


Can I delete or block cookies? The user can access the configuration of his browser at any time by accepting or rejecting all cookies, or by selecting those whose installation he admits and which ones he does not, following the procedures of the browser that he uses, the user can allow, block or eliminate the cookies. Cookies installed on your computer by configuring the browser options installed on your computer. There are also browser extensions that allow the blocking of cookies. The fact of blocking the installation of the cookies described in this policy does not prevent the effective use of the Website by the User.