Welcome aboard!

A tale of two sisters, two seas and slow ceramic

  Jplate the two of us founded it, Jess and Karin, as sisters and as a symbol of our enormous complicity. Looking towards our origins, we merge our family ties with those experiences that have filled our lives with joys. 

We wanted to mix roots with memories which in turn link us to the Canary Islands and the Caribbean. 

Our first memory and contact with the Ceramic Technique comes from the hand of our Father, who taught us magic in the simplicity of clay and metals. Well, although he is an engineer by profession, he modeled an art with meaning and function. 

So, feeling the same call, we entered into learning through professional ceramic workshops, because we wanted to understand what it means to be a ceramist. Y All this was part of a powerful drive to develop everything that comprises our Atelier Cerámica.

Being both Architects by profession and lovers of Decor Accessories and Home-ware, we began our route in Interior Design, creating High Decoration projects for large firms in the furniture design sector.



At Jplate-Studio we recognize that we are not a perfect team, we make many mistakes like any human, which for the most part are a reflection of a particular way of seeing and living the present, we have chosen to change the perspective of our way of life ... let's move on made slower!

But like everything worthwhile, it takes time ... and this adventure has only just begun .... You can often learn more from mistakes than successes. 

But in our Slow Corner- we will always bet to aim high and when we fall, we will be honest, and we will get back up and try to do better.